Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Most businesses can benefit from having one or more personal computers, but very few managers have the time to research fully the hardware and software available when making choices. If you know computers, you can provide a valuable service as a consultant, helping clients avoid costly and frustrating mistakes.
Consultants begin by taking the time to learn about a client's business. Thoroughly interview the manager or owner to find out what he or she expects a computer system to do. Observe employees to see what they do and how they might benefit from specific types of equipment or software.
When you've arrived at a recommendation, write a report and meet with your client to discuss it. After changes have been made to suit your customers, you can assist further by recommending low- cost sources of equipment, and setting up equipment once it is purchased.
Consultants typically charge per day. Even if this fee is over $100, emphasize to potential clients that your good advice can be worth many times what it costs, since you can suggest cost saving and efficiency-improving purchases.

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